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Offering the finest in trophy whitetail, dove, quail and spring Rio Grande turkey hunting in central West Texas. Located just 30 minutes northwest of Abilene in both Jones and Fisher counties, Double Horseshoe Ranches are comprised of more than 5,000 acres that are 100% family owned and operated. Both Fisher and Jones counties are noted for their excellent dove and quail hunting, while also possessing the reputation for producing some of the finest whitetails in Texas. The ranches routinely have whitetails in the Texas Big Game Awards Program, with more than 60 being recognized in the past decade.

The Double Horseshoe Ranches bring you the best of all the above. All together, the ranches’ topography ranges from rolling sand hills covered with oak trees and brush to tighter soils covered with mesquite brush and wheat fields.

We maintain strict management strategies throughout the ranches, and every action taken is with that of wildlife in mind. We work year-round to maintain food plots, feed programs and to groom hunting locations for the various species. We maintain harvest limits and book accordingly, so that each hunter will have equal opportunity. This simply means that each hunter, no matter if in the first group of a season or last, will be afforded the same opportunities. All of our hunts also include full lodging and meals.

For whitetails, we maintain food plots, feeders and water throughout the ranches, which are all low-fence. Hunters are fully guided, and hunt from enclosed tower blinds that offer comfortable seating and heaters when needed. Each guide is experienced in the ranch’s topography, deer herd, and sizes, to help maximize the opportunity for harvesting your next trophy. We monitor deer herds closely each year and book only a limited number of hunts. On average, we harvest one buck per 250 acres, ensuring that we maintain quality bucks year after year. Typical buck sizes range from 125 – 160+ B&C., and hunters can generally expect to see 40+ deer per day, many of them being bucks.

For dove, we utilize many wild sunflower patches throughout the ranches and plenty of watering reservoirs to make for ideal hunting. Predominately mourning dove, we also have many whitewings from time to time that add to the hunt’s excitement. Generally, hunters will most often have the opportunity to fill their bag limits. Sometimes in a very short amount of time, depending on how fast and well they can shoot. We are located in the heart of the mourning dove migratory flyway from north to south, and the season runs from September through late October. We accommodate both small and large groups. Be sure to check out our dove packages for group size pricing information.

For turkey, we offer hunts during the spring season, which runs from early April through mid-May. Rio Grande is the subspecie of turkey that roam the ranches, and make for an exciting hunt. We manage the turkeys throughout the year with a feed program, and limiting the number of hunts based on annual populations. We also do not hunt the turkeys during the winter in order to not disturb them. Our hunts are fully or semi-guided, and there’s nothing quite like the excitement of calling in a Rio Grande tom within a mere distance of feet in front of you. For quail, we offer bobwhite hunts. All of the quail are 100% wild, and not pen raised. Much of the ranch’s topography is prime quail habitat, and the hunts can be as exciting as anywhere in the nation. As with most areas, our quail populations have experienced up and down trends. With this in mind, we only offer hunts during years that we feel the number of birds are sustainable. Be sure to stay in contact with us and we can give you updates on quail population trends and the probability of number of hunts offered. Generally we will make final decisions on the number of hunts that we will offer during the fall time frame for January/February hunts.

As always, we strive to satisfy every hunter by making them feel more like friends than clients. With lodging and home cooked meals, we’re sure that your hunt will be enjoyable and one to remember for years to come.

Our booking is limited so reserve your spot early!

Dove Hunting

  • Prices are per day. (Two-Day hunt)
  • Groups of 9 hunters or less - $225/gun
  • Groups of 10-14 - $200/gun
  • Groups of 15 or more - $175/gun

Deer Hunting

  • $3,000*. 4-Day Hunt

*($1,500 hunt fee, and $1,500 harvest fee. In the event that a hunter does not harvest a buck, then the harvest fee will not be charged.)

Spring Rio Grande Turkey

  • $750. Two-day hunt. Two turkey limit.

Bobwhite Quail Hunting

  • $750. Two-day hunt

You can purchase a hunting license online by clicking here.


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"My first trip to the Double Horseshoe with my son John who has made several trips to the ranch. The deer were only a part of my experience. The owners treated us not like guests, but like close friends or family. They are down to earth great country people. The ladies in the family have got to be the best cooks in Texas. It's a place I will recommend to my friends and I hope to make another trip some day. Thanks for the memories."

John Corn - Hiram, GA